HC Building Inspection Services

HC Building Inspection Services

HC Building Inspection Services

Clifford Manwiller
1644 60th Street
Amery, WI 54889

Phone: 715-268-9233
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Description of Services

HC Building Inspection Services is a full service inspection company.

These are the services we offer.

Real estate inspections (commercial, residential)
Moisture Problems (mold, roof leaks, plumbing leaks etc.)
Rental Weatherization Inspections
Maintenance Inspections
Infra-red Scanning
Problem solving
Energy Audits

A real estate inspection is an important source of information when buying a home or commercial building. A qualified inspector can help understand the condition of the structure and its systems and potentially avoid expensive surprises.

The experience and training of the inspector will determine the quality of the inspection. An understanding of building science and systems is critical. A working knowledge of current building codes is helpful when considering possible future changes, especially for commercial properties. Since a real estate inspection is a non destructive inspection, only the experience and knowledge of the inspector can help to discern problems that are not clearly evident. The HC Building Inspection Services inspector is uniquely qualified by both experience and training (See qualifications and certifications).
HC Building Inspection Services offers several levels of real estate inspection.

* Standard Inspection - Complete inspection with written report.

* Enhanced Inspection - Complete inspection with written report and audiovisual recording of defects.

* Inspection with partial Instrumentation - Written report, audiovisual recording of defects,and selected instrument aided analysis.

* Full Instrument Aided Inspection - Written report, audiovisual recording of defects,and complete instrument aided analysis.

Services & Areas of Expertise

* Commercial and Residential Building Inspection
* Real Estate Inspection
* Moisture Problems
* Energy Audits
* Infrared Scanning
* Maintenance Inspections

Education & Credentials

* 25+ years experience in building inspection
* 6+ years experience in electrical and mechanical maintenance
* 15+ years construction experience

Wisconsin Certifications

* Rental Weatherization Inspector
* Uniform Dwelling Code - Construction Inspector
* Uniform Dwelling Code - Electrical Inspector
* Uniform Dwelling Code - Plumbing Inspector
* Commercial Building Inspector
* Commercial Electrical Inspector
* Commercial Plumbing Inspector

Wisconsin Licenses

* Home Inspector

International Code Council Certifications

* 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Combination Inspector (Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, construction)
* Combination Commerical Inspector (Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, construction)
* Building Plans Examiner
* Mechanical Plans Examiner
* Plumbing Plans Examiner
* Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector

International Association of Electrical Inspectors Certification

* Electrical Inspector; General


* International Association of Electrical Inspectors
* International Code Council
* Northwest Wisconsin Building Inspectors association


* 4-8 Weeks continuing education every year (Programs provided by International Code Council, University of Wisconsin, State of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota etc..)
* Inver Hills Community College, Inver Grove Minnesota - Building Inspection Technology (Graduated with Honors)
* Building Officials and Code Administrators International, INC. Plan Review Institute and Building Official Institute.
* University of Wisconsin - Extension, Department of Engineering and Applied Science, Residential Energy Auditing, Plumbing Inspection, Electrical Inspection and Mechanical Inspection.
* University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN - Ecology.
* Hamline University, St. Paul, MN - Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. Graduated with Honors.