Perfection Inspections LLC

Perfection Inspections LLC

Perfection Inspections LLC

John Ellenbecker
258 Stoney Crossing
Port Royal, SC 29910

Phone: 843-247-1909
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Description of Services

As Your Home Inspector I will be also be looking for this same workmanship, as well as any normal wear issues. I inspect every home as it was my own.
First time buyers have the most to learn. Having a general knowledge on how your home works can save you money. For instance, the filter for your HVAC is crucial in the performance of your heating and air conditioning system. Knowing where it is and how and when to change it, will protect your system from premature failure. The plumbing, electrical, structure, roofing ext... all have maintenance issues (most very minor) you can do to help protect your investment.

Follow the link below for an example of the detailed style of report you can expect from Perfection Inspection LLC.

Education & Credentials

South Carolina Lic. 2550