LBI Home & Building Inspection

LBI Home & Building Inspection

LBI Home & Building Inspection

Mark Londner, AIA
15547 Honey Locust Lane
Purcellville, VA 20132

Phone: 540-668-6339
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Description of Services

LBI proudly serves VA, WV, MD, and DE fostering client knowledge and education through extensive experience explaining causes as well as symptoms of problems discovered during inspections.

Mark S. Londner, is a VA, WV, and ASHI Certified Home Inspector, a MD Licensed Home Inspector, and a Licensed Architect.

As a highly qualified expert, with excellent credentials, and proven experience in technical construction matters, defective materials and systems investigations, dispute resolution and home inspection, Mr. Londner possesses a unique combination of qualifications that enable him to not only provide comprehensive inspections, but also to educate clients how to effectively and safely operate and maintain their home.

Virginia Areas Served by LBI Home & Building Inspection

Education & Credentials

ASHI Certified Home Inspector,
Virginia Licensed Home Inspector,
West Virginia Certified Home inspector,
Maryland Licensed home Inspector, Delaware Licenser Home Inspector, Licensed Architect. -- Please visit for additional information.