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Able Home Inspections

Able Home Inspections

Walter Liff
66 Laurel Lane
New Castle, NH 03854

Phone: 603-431-4800
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Description of Services

Able Home & Building Inspections provides conventional and infrared inspections by HUD/FHA inspector #747 and certified
Level I Thermographer #21338.
The inspector has 20 years in the construction field, and another 11 years performing thorough, guaranteed inspections.
Our written reports are narrative with complete sentences explaining any areas of concern and methods to correct them. You can opt for a conventional inspection with a thermal inspection, or either of these on their own. Knowledge is power and we want you to be knowledgeable about your own home or building, or the one you are contemplating on purchasing.

With inpsections in the thousands conducted in NH., ME., and MA. we can assure you of a thorough instpection and competent performance. Ninety-six percent of our business comes from referrals from happy clients!

When purchasing a new home or building, we offer a 30Ft. mobile home as a mobil inspection office;thus giving you comfort and privacy to
discuss any issues or questions you may have without
the presence of the seller.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Inspection of either conventional or infrared, or a combination of both are performed 7 days a week for your convenince. The latest technical devices are used to verify all major components of
a home or building during the conventional inspection. You have the choice of verbal or written reports. Written reports are in sentence (narrative) format; not a checklist.

Infrared scanning can be done with or without the use of a blower door. Infrared reports show side by side images with digital photos and thermal photos so you can clearly see where there are anomalies in the building. We proudly use the FLIR infrared camera--the world's finest thermography equipemnt.

All inspections are guaranteed to be thorough or they are free!

Education & Credentials

Walter Liff has over 20 years experience in the construction field, and an additional 11 years in the inspection field.
He is qualified by the US Governemnt as a HUD/FHA inspector (#747), and is a member of NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors).
Further, he is a Certified Level I thermographer by ITC
(Infrared Training Center) Certified ID# 21338. His training has met or exceeded the ASNT requirements. (please be wary of any inspector claiming to be a Level I orII
thermographer if they do not tell you where they trained and do not have a certied ID number!)
Mr. Liff is also a member of the Professional Thermographers Association.
He is the owner of Able Home & Building Inspections and Able Infrared Inspections--not an employee, so his reputation for honest, competent inspections is paramount.