CEO Home Inspection

CEO Home Inspection

CEO Home Inspection

Greg Johnson
1748 Northwest Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43224

Phone: 614-899-9342
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Description of Services

Professionally inspecting homes and commercial properties in Columbus, Ohio and Franklin County for 35+ years in the home inspection and construction trades. Being locally owned and operated we are your leading Columbus, Ohio source for non-biased, accurate and experienced reporting on your residence or commercial property.

Costly home and commercial property repairs can be avoided later by regular maintenance guided by a quality home inspection now that provides vital information on these features as this information about your home or property provides good reference material through the years with regular maintenance and what you might expect to look out for.

- Home and Commercial Property Buyers:
When buying a new or used home or property you have the right to know what your investment will hold to its worth and that you're receiving the quality that you'd expect from any professional while minimizing any unexpected bad news that could come down the road.

- Home and Commercial Property Sellers:
Home and commercial property sellers and real estate professionals will want this information readily available for questions by potential buyers. With my custom home inspection you'll be able to put your buyer's mind at ease up front and show the true quality of your location.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Reporting provided for electrical, radon testing, mold screening, renovations and remodeling, insulation, retaining walls, walkway, grading, roofing, plumbing, infrared screenings, construction, safety, mechanical and structural defects, and termite inspections.

Education & Credentials

35+ year hands-on experience in the industry.