Certified Home Inspections

Certified Home Inspections

Certified Home Inspections

Dave Delaney
503 Tyrone Avery Road
Morgantown, WV 26508

Phone: 304-594-1221
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Description of Services

We are a full service home inspection company, offering residential and commercial inspections, as well as radon testing, mold testing, lead-based paint testing, asbestos testing, septic testing, water testing (chemical/bacteria), and infrared imaging services. We perform the most comprehensive, thorough inspections available in our industry, and help you to understand all structural and mechanical aspects of your proposed new home. We go great lengths to ensure you undersstand the home, and help you to make a more informed decision about your purchase. We are on your side!!!

Services & Areas of Expertise

Complete Home Inspection
Commercial Building Inspection
Infrared Imaging
Radon Testing
Mod Testing
Septic Dye Tests
Water Tests
Lead Testing
Asbestos Testing

Education & Credentials

InterNACHI Member
WV Certified Home Inspector #HI66541970-0806
NEHA NRPP Radon Residential Measurement Provider #104087RT
NEHA NRPP Radon Residential Mitigation Provider #104670RMT
WV Radon Tester License #RT000228
WV Radon Mitigation Specialist License #RM000071
WV Fire Marshal Master Electrician License #M00844
WV Fire Marshal Electrical Inspector Class B (All Structures) #EI233316654-B1103
Indoor Air Quality Qualified Certification #IAC2-00-4111