Patriot Home Inspections

Patriot Home Inspections

Patriot Home Inspections

Hubert Miles
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Johnsonville, SC 29555

Phone: 843-386-9100
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Description of Services

Infrared Certified Home Inspector. Through the use of infrared technology we can find the problems that other home inspectors miss.

We provide our Clients the "Information" they need to make an informed decision about the Property Being Inspected in a Clear, Concise, Professional Manner, Onsite with Digital Photographs.

In Other Words, We Provide Our Clients "Peace of Mind!"
Here's What We Do!
Our Licensed Home Inspectors will spend three to four hours thoroughly evaluating all aspects of the Property you are purchasing, from the Roof to the Crawlsapce or Basement and all areas in between. And you know what; we want you to come along with us during the course of the inspection. Ok, if you're a veteran home buyer it may not be as important that you're there the entire time. However, if you are new to the home buying process, it's very important that you're there from start to finish.

We'll not only inspect the house you're buying but we'll share with you what needs to be maintained and why. You'll get a real education about your new home. Don't worry, we'll explain everything in terms you can understand. We are a "Jargon Free" Company!

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to detect very small differences in temperature. Every material has a unique thermal signature. When moisture, heat, or cold are introduced into the structure the thermal signature changes. With the help of this incredible camera we can see many things that simply are not detectable to the naked eye.

Cold areas behind walls, floors, or ceilings can indicate the presence of moisture, or lack of insulation and the infrared camera helps us diagnose these problems easily. Thermal imaging also easily detects overheating circuits, fuses, or circuit breakers. In some cases, flat roof leaks, or leakage under, or behind plumbing fixtures can also be found.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Infrared Thermal Imaging
Green Building
Buyer Inspections

Education & Credentials

SC License # 2556
InterNACHI Memebr
Infrared Certified