o2 Wizard, Mold & Odors Gone in a Day

o2 Wizard, Mold & Odors Gone in a Day

o2 Wizard, Mold & Odors Gone in a Day

Kimi Ayers
100 Ridgewood Ave
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: 386-689-4563
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Description of Services

O2 Wizard uses the newest technology that kills Mold and Odors in about a day Guaranteed, or it’s free! Our one-of-a-kind air sanitization process break down the oxygen molecule (so it is green), plus it helps 200 health issues!

Mold & Home Contaminants are a Matter of Life or Death
NOT a temporary fix, truly best method for killing mold
Save up to 99% from former ‘tear out’ methods
Fully restores indoor air quality
Bonus, drives out the toughest pest infestations
Mold decays your body like it rots a tomato
No chemicals make for an organic process
220 Happy clients without needing repeat service
O2 Wizard - Leading Indoor Air Quality Experts!
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Kimi & Kenny Ayers, Mr & Mrs Mold & Mildew

Education & Credentials

Our business is classified as 'air sanitation'. Since our treatment is non-invasive and there is no need to tear anything out (without structure damage), we do not need a licenses. The machines do all the work!