Acuspect Home Inspections

Acuspect Home Inspections

Acuspect Home Inspections

Bob Kille
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Description of Services

Acu'spect Home Inspections provides high quality property inspections for buyers, sellers, and homeowners. We focus on the best interest of our clients, assuring them that their selection in a home inspector was among the best in the market. We are constantly learning while staying ahead of the rapidly changing industry. There is no substitute for experience, education and certification. With client participation and a detailed report system, our customers make informed investment decisions by knowing the facts up front.

Bob Kille, the owner and founder of the company, has 18 years of experience in the construction industry, and can truly say that the most common fear of all buyers and sellers alike is the fear of the unknown. The known and unknown conditions, and their ramifications, are what we attempt to discover and disclose. Uncovering the unknown and reducing this risk is, therefore, the objective of our home inspection service. He believes that this can only be achieved by utilizing qualified and experienced professionals.

Acu'spect Home Inspections is a proud member of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). ASHI is the oldest and leading non-profit professional association for independent home inspectors. Since its formation in 1976, ASHI's "Standards of Practice" have served as the home inspector's performance guideline, universally recognized and accepted by professional inspectors and government authorities alike. The state of Arizona has adopted the Arizona ASHI standards as the standards of professional practice for Arizona home inspectors. As an ASHI member, Acu'spect has consistently met or exceeded these standards and will continue to do so.

We at Acu'spect understand that a commitment to knowledge, years of experience, and exceptional service are the marks of professionalism.

Services & Areas of Expertise

New Construction - Under Construction specialist. Bob currently holds seminars teaching other inspectors how to inspect homes under construction. He is also the author of "The Inspector's Manual - Phase Inspections", this along with other software written by Bob Kille is available at

Education & Credentials

Bob currently sits on the State of Arizona Enforcement Advisory Committee, American Society of Home Inspectors "Technical Review" committee and is one of the few AZASHI Senior inspectors.

Currently Arizona ASHI Vice President and ASHI national council of representative member. Bob has also attained the International Code Councils "Residential Inspector" certification.