MKC Associates LLC

MKC Associates LLC

MKC Associates LLC

Morgan Cohen
20 Brattle Pl
Arlington, MA 02474

Phone: 888-652-4677
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Description of Services

We are a quality and client -focused multi-inspector firm located in the Boston Metro area. We serve all of Eastern and Central Massachusetts. We can take care of all of your inspection needs. We are comprehensive, detailed, and professional. Available for questions before, during, and after inspection. Our reports are available 24 hours after inspection. Our sample reports and answers to frequently-asked questions can be seen on our website.

We never lose sight of the reason you hire us: to get a clear understanding of the most important concerns of the property, as well as a detailed analysis.

Massachusetts Areas Served by MKC Associates LLC

Services & Areas of Expertise

Services: Home Inspection, Pest Inspection, Radon testing, Drone Inspection, Infrared Camera Analysis

Areas of Expertise:
Pre-1900 Antique Homes, Turn of the Century Multi-family buildings and homes, Commercial, Advanced Energy-Efficient Construction, Architecturally significant homes, Large homes, Unusual Construction, Modular, Manufactured, and Off-site built homes.

Education & Credentials

ASHI ACI, MA-Licensed, Insured, NEPMA Certified, NRPP Certified, FAA Drone Pilot Certified, Certified Thermographer (Infrared)