Nonprofit Home Inspections

Nonprofit Home Inspections

Nonprofit Home Inspections

Charles Lewis
5501 NE 109th Ct Ste F
Vancouver, WA 98662

Phone: 360-558-7600
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Description of Services

Nonprofit Home Inspections is dedicated to empowering individuals to make safe, financially sound and environmentally friendly housing decisions. Check out our website for a home inspection in Vancouver, WA, radon testing, sewer scopes, mold testing and more. We offer sliding scale services so that everyone can afford their own home inspections in Washington. We use thermal imaging and infrared cameras in all of our inspections in order to help find hidden defects. Scheduling is available 24/7 on our website.

Washington Areas Served by Nonprofit Home Inspections

Services & Areas of Expertise

Vancouver, WA home inspection, sewer scope, radon testing, mold testing, structural inspection, electrical inspection, plumbing inspection, roof inspection, ventilation inspection

Education & Credentials

Nonprofit Home Inspections has 4 licensed home inspectors in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding communities. Our home inspectors are licensed to conduct home inspections in Vancouver, WA, Portland, Oregon, and surrounding communities.