Private Exterminator

Private Exterminator

Private Exterminator

Gustavo Salazar
403 E 70th
New York, NY 10021

Phone: 347-308-5107
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Description of Services

Private Exterminator will take care of your home like we would our own. We deliver quality work, honesty, and thoroughness to every job we complete.We have been providing pest control and home inspection services for the last 15 years.We provide service to all 5 boroughs of NYC.Private Exterminator deals with bed bugs, ants, mice,
bees, fleas, termites, rats, squrrel and spiders. We also provide both commercial as well as residential pest control solutions.You can chck our website for more details.

New York Areas Served by Private Exterminator

Services & Areas of Expertise

pest control and home inspections