1A Home Inspections

1A Home Inspections

1A Home Inspections

Donald Lawson
12816 S 279th East Ave
Brkn Arw, OK 74429

Phone: 918-927-0258
Email: Click Here

Description of Services

Providing thorough, in-depth inspections for most all of Green Country. I first started inspecting homes in 2000 and have since inspected thousands of homes and commercial properties.

I produce thorough reports that are written in plain English. I am independent and work only for my Clients! I bring all my experience to every inspection that I do.

Reports are often emailed out within 24 hours unless we discuss otherwise. And of course, you're always free to give me a call with questions or comments!

Services & Areas of Expertise

New home construction (Phase Inspections)
Real Estate Existing Home Inspections
Water Wells
Swimming Pools

Education & Credentials

OK Lice #1474