Nicholas Home Inspection & Consulting

Nicholas Home Inspection & Consulting

Nicholas Home Inspection & Consulting

Tony Nicholas
Allen Park, MI 48101

Phone: 313-790-2870
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Description of Services

Experience and Integrity:
I have been in the construction trades for 20 years and a Building Inspector for 15 years. Over that time I have performed thousands of inspections and addressed countless homeowner issues. Unlike many home inspectors, I have had the benefit of seeing the results of my inspections and recommendations through feedback and follow up. I offer a “no frills” inspection report that will help you make a sound decision before purchasing a home. The fee is generally $250 – $350 for a home under 2000 square feet depending on the size of the home and drive time to get there. Give me a call and I’ll provide an immediate quote over the phone. Also, after the inspection, feel free to contact me in the future with any questions you may have about construction, repairs, or code issues.

Services & Areas of Expertise

My Home Inspection typically takes 3 to 4 hours and includes a check of all readily accessible areas and components of the house (exterior and interior), garage and surrounding property. I find it beneficial to have the buyer present so I can explain any significant issues, should any be found. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a 12 page report that we review together, establishing an approximate repair cost in the process. The report includes the following:

Lot, grade and drainage
– Grade at foundation
– Storm water runoff
– Concrete
– Proximity of trees to dwelling

– Exterior walls / windows
– Condition of service entrance cable
– Porches / decks
– Accessory structures

– Roof covering
– Ventilation
– Flashing
– Gutters / downspouts
– Chimney

– Walls
– Evidence of water infiltration
– Framing (where unfinished)
– Floor
– Evidence of sewer backup
– Crawlspace (where accessible)

Heating / Cooling
– Condition of furnace / boiler
– Air filter
– Thermostat
– Condition of A/C unit
– Supplemental units
– Condition of fireplace(s)
– Gas lines / shutoff valves

– Breakers / fuses – condition of panel
– Circuits labeled
– Circuits adequate
– Fixtures
– Receptacles

– Water pressure
– Drain traps
– Leaks
– Drain rates
– Condition of water heater

– Access
– Framing
– Insulation
– Bathroom fan exhaust (vented directly to outside?)

– Condition of appliances
– Garbage disposal
– GFCI receptacles

– Condition of fixtures
– Ventilation
– GFCI receptacles

– Walls / ceilings
– Evidence of leaks
– Doors / windows

– Emergency egress (bedroom windows)
– Smoke / carbon monoxide detectors
– Guardrails / handrails
– Dryer vent / gas supply / shutoff valve

Education & Credentials

Registered Code Official, State of Michigan
Registration # 004293
•Building Official
•Building Inspector
•Plan Reviewer

Certified Building Inspector, International Code Council
•Commercial Building Inspector
•Residential Building Inspector

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, State of Michigan – License # 6501367214

Licensed Builder, State of Michigan – License # 2101187919