HomeWorks Inspection Services

HomeWorks Inspection Services

HomeWorks Inspection Services

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Description of Services

HomeWorks Real Estate Inspection Services
Empowering Buyers and Sellers to make informed decisions.
What is a home inspection?
I will start by letting you know what a home inspection is not. A home inspection is not a code inspection. It is not an intrusive highly detailed examination of a residence. First of all, the home inspection process is a non-intrusive, non-destructive, performance based inspection. Performance based means-are the major components in the house performing as they should? The major components that are looked at in a broad sense are the mechanical, structural, and electrical systems. Breaking that down it would include roofing, exterior siding, windows, doors, foundation, ventilation, plumbing distribution and drainage, electrical service and distribution, heating and air conditioning. The inspection can also include detached buildings, swimming pools, decks, permanently installed outdoor cooking equipment. The list goes on. Second, the home inspection is designed to determine the safety and performance of the residence. That would include things like gas leaks, faulty wiring, failed structural members and so on. Who orders a home inspection? Normally a buyer. I recommend to current owners that a home inspection be performed about every 5 years as a preventative maintenance program.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Mechanical, structural, plumbing, electrical.

Education & Credentials

Texas Real Estate Commission
Professional Inspector License # 9794