Renovation Consultants LLC.

Renovation Consultants LLC.

Renovation Consultants LLC.

Dean Currier
41 Waterboro Rd
Alfred, ME 04002

Phone: 207-838-2448
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Description of Services

Professional Home Inspection Services in covering all of southern and western Maine. Offering evening and weekend inspections. Twenty years of experience as a contractor and project manager, specializing in water and structural damage repair giving me the experience and knowledge to become a premiere home inspector.

One of the biggest misconceptions of a Home Inspections, is that only older homes need to be inspected and only if the bank requires it. The fact is that any home being purchased or significantly renovated should be inspected.
There are three main reasons that a home inspection should be done:
1. The purchase of a previously owned home. These homes are inspected to evaluate the wear on the home, expected life span of operating systems, and identify any areas that may lead to costly repairs, or dangers.
2. The construction of a new home. Most people don’t think that an inspection on a new home is needed, after all it’s new, and there’s an 11 month warranty. From my experience the majority of faults in an inspection, or repairs I’ve done as a contractor are a result of something being overlooked or just poor construction practices at the time of construction. A simple thing like an improperly vented shower or poor flashing on doors and windows, over the course of time, can cause major damage and costly repairs.
3. Major renovations. Before having major renovations done it’s a good idea to spend the $300-$500 on an inspection to identify any areas not involved in the renovations that may need attention. You wouldn’t want to finish a project only to find out your heating systems has failed or you need a new roof.
The fact remains that we inspect everything before we buy it from our food to our clothes, and toys to cars, but neglect inspecting our single largest purchase, our home.

Education & Credentials

usda, hud, fha, 203k certified