Home Inspector John, LLC

Home Inspector John, LLC

Home Inspector John, LLC

John Rice
200 W. 2nd St. #2013
Royal Oak, MI 48068

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Description of Services

My typical clients buy and sell real estate for many different reasons. Some need a home for starting or growing a family while others want multi-unit investment properties to provide for their's. Commercial property buyers may be in the market for a place to expand their already established business while someone interested in a lease may be following their dream to open up a business of their very own. Whatever the reason, they all have a few things in common; they're dealing with a large investment and they want to know exactly what they're getting themselves into. They want to know what works and what needs work. They want safe places to live or the right environment in which to work, and ultimately the peace of mind to know that they have made sound investments. And all things considered equal, one thing is for certain, they all need a certified professional inspector who not only provides the types of services and testing that their needs require, but one whom they can trust.
I understand this which is why I take my business very seriously. From the smallest home to the largest commercial property, I never forget why I do this. Every minute that I spend under, in, around and on top of a building during an inspection is an opportunity for me to find valuable information that will help someone make an informed decision and ultimately save them money.
I absolutely love what I do which is why I continually strive to offer my clients the best possible services available. One way that I do this is by keeping current on my training and certifications. In the past 4 years alone, I have taken over 100 hours of continuing education courses in inspection procedures and techniques, and at least another 80 hours on various testing methods and procedures- almost double what is required of me! Furthermore, I use the latest equipment to aid me in my work which helps my services to stand out above my competitors and make me a better overall value eventhough most Certified Professional Inspectors charge roughly the same price as I. Lastly, I do not consider the inspection business to be a "khakis and clipboard" type of business as it is often perceived. I truly believe that in order for an inspector to be as effective as they should be, they have to get "their hands dirty" to obtain the necessary information required for a thorough and detailed inspection report. This cannot be done by just walking around with a clipboard in hand, dressed in pressed khakis trying to look busy, but rather by doing things such as getting under the house down in the muddy crawlspace, climbing into the hot attic, walking the entire roof line and by working in the dark, cobweb filled nooks and crannies that no one ever goes near. This is what it takes to do things thoroughly and what you can expect from me when I inspect a property.
This is why hundreds of real estate buyers, sellers, agents and investors throughout Southeast Michigan trust Homex Inspection Services, LLC. I've been inspecting homes, multi-unit complexes, apartment buildings, construction projects, and commercial buildings since 2001.
In the market to buy or sell real estate? Call me with confidence. I'll respond with the prompt, professional service that you deserve from a home inspector, at a competitive price that you can afford.
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Services & Areas of Expertise

Inspection and Consulting Services offered:

Buyer and Seller Home Inspections and Consulting
4 Point Insurance Inspections
Mobile Home, Town House & Condominium Inspections
New Construction Inspections and Consulting
​11th Month Warranty Inspections (for newly built homes)
Investor's Property Inspections, Rehabbing & Consulting
Apartment and Duplex/Triplex Inspections
Commercial Building Inspections and Consulting
Remodeling Inspections and Consulting
Safety and Maintenance Inspections
Renter's Security Deposit Inspections
Roof Condition Inspections
Swimming Pool and Spa Inspections
WDO Inspections (Wood Destroying Organisms)

Ancillary & Testing Services offered:

Certified Home Energy Reports
Certified Mold Testing and Sampling
Certified Radon Testing and Reporting
Certified Indoor Air Quality Testing and Reporting
Certified Water Testing and Sampling
Certified Lead Testing, Sampling and Reporting
RecallChek© Appliance Safety Checks
Property Preservation for out-of-state Investors​
Lock Changes
Winterization and Dewinterization Services
Roof Tarping
Certified CO (Carbon Monoxide) Testing and Reporting
Buyer's Protection Plans
Property Repair Estimates Reports

Education & Credentials

Held position of Superintendent for a local custom home builder for 4 years
Completed 4 year/8000 hour apprenticeship program Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters Local #687
Held position of Journeyman Carpenter for Local #687 for 8 years
Owned and Operated a Detroit area Home Improvement Company for over 10 years
Current Real Estate Investor (Rentals and Flips)
​10+ Years experience as a Certified Residential and Commercial Property Inspector in the State of Michigan
​Extensive training in Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning)​

I am a member in good standing of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
I am a member in good standing of IAC2 (International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants)
Cetified in both Radon and Mold through the IAC2
As a Senior Inspector, I regularly participate in the training and apprenticeships of Junior Inspectors
Annually complete over 30-40 hours of continuing education credit to maintain my certifications
I am a member in good standing of the IHINA (Independent Home Inspectors of North America)
Passed the National Home Inspectors Examination® (required for licensing in most states)
Passed the InterNACHI Inspectors Examination (required for Certification and Membership)
I abide by InterNACHI's strict Code of Ethics
I adhere to InterNACHI's Standards of Practice
I actively lobby for the licensing of Home Inspectors in the State of Michigan and the betterment of my profession and the general industry of Inspection
Contributing author to the Inspection News