Parker Home Inspections LLC

Parker Home Inspections LLC

Parker Home Inspections LLC

David Parker
14314 Golden View Drive
Grand Island, FL 32735

Phone: 352-434-9922
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Description of Services

Parker Home Inspections LLC provides honest, professional service for all your home inspection needs. With over 10 years experience, you can be assured that you will receive a thorough, knowledgeable and comprehensive home inspection. We strive to leave every customer satisfied, with peace of mind knowing that their home has been inspected with their best interest in mind. Buying a home is the largest, single most, expense you may make, don't sacrifice quality when having your home evaluated. We look forward to inspecting your home.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Home Inspection
4 Point Inspection
Wind Mitigation Inspection
Citizens Roof Certification

Education & Credentials

Florida Home Inspector HI6221
Florida Certified General Contractor CGC1519754