Excavating NJ Inc.

Excavating NJ Inc.

Excavating NJ Inc.

Mike White
406 Route 565
Andover, NJ 07461

Phone: 973-475-4304
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Description of Services

Excavating NJ Inc., a leading excavating contractor and has been providing septic system and sewer solutions all over North Jersey for over a decade. Excavating NJ Inc. is also a trusted septic service provider servicing residential and commercial customers by providing septic inspections, septic tank inspections, septic repairs, new septic design and septic installation. Realtors, home buyers and sellers rely on Excavating NJ Inc., for quality septic inspections, quick septic system repairs, septic repairs when necessary and keeping real-estate transactions on schedule. For more information on Excavating NJ Inc. visit the company's web site.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Septic Experts
Septic Tank Repair
Septic Installations
Septic Design
Septic Inspections
Video Camera Service
High-Pressure Water Jetting
Septic Tank Problems
Septic Problems
Septic Tank Repair
Septic Design
Septic Contractors
Septic Engineering & Permits
Excavating Service
Retaining Walls
Sewer Repairs / Installation
Septic Engineering
Septic System Repair
Septic System Problems
Septic Contractors
Septic Installers
Septic Installation
Septic System Service
Septic Service
Septic Pump Repair
Septic Pump Problems
Septic Leach Field

Education & Credentials

PSMA Certification #: 0415829320
NJ Contractor Lic. #: 13VH05647600