Magnum Property Inspections

Magnum Property Inspections

Magnum Property Inspections

Mike Allmon
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Description of Services

Our company offers professional home inspection and real estate inspections in Austin, TX. Magnum Property Inspections is a professional home inspection firm, whose mission is to provide unbiased professional opinions on the house you are about to purchase.

Why is that important? Because, you deserve the most honest answers to the problems lurking behind the walls. If I were to tell you to look for the problems in the house, what comes to mind? Does foundation come to mind? Are there any cracks in it? How about if the house were built on a pier-and-beam foundation? What do you look for then?

Again, if I were to ask you look for the obvious problems in the kitchen, what should you look for? Does a potential fire hazard come to mind? How about if I tell you that the range hood above the stove is not high enough, and the installation standard is not up-to-code?

I can tell you more! That's what I am trained to do. Besides looking for the obvious, I also look for other things that are hidden from the naked eye. For example, I do a carbon monoxide test to find out if the house has a potential for asphyxiation.

Safety is the magic word in my mission. I go to great lengths to find hazardous problems that could make the house unsafe to dwell in.

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