Capitol Home Inspections

Capitol Home Inspections

Capitol Home Inspections

Jorge Chalgub
5915 Cabot Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46221

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Description of Services

CAPITOL HOME INSPECTIONS provides a high level of professional service to all its clients. All inspections are carried out in a manner which meets, or exceeds the Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).
The inspection, is an on-site, systematic inspection of the exterior and interior of the house.Clients are provided with a complete and detailed written record of the inspection with digital pictures.

CAPITOL HOME INSPECTIONS has produced one of the most detailed reports in the industry. We have combined both, Narrative and Check List styles. Our report places the pictures right where you need them, below the comments, not at the end of the report in a separate page. This will give you a better understanding of the report as you read it.

Your report will not be a mass produced template like other reports out there, but a carefully designed and comprehensive report. You will have a much clearer understanding of what it is you are about to purchase, and you will be able to make your decision confidently. Your report will not only identify deficiencies in components and systems, but also provide you with an arsenal of digital pictures of such deficiencies and identify their locations to help you find them in the future. You will want to keep this report for future reference.

Services & Areas of Expertise

We service Marion and surrounding counties.

Professionally Insured (Errors and Omissions)FOR YOUR PROTECTION

I carry professional insurance in the form of Errors and Omissions (E&O) and General Liability (GL). Professional insurance equals professional accountability.

CAPITOL HOME INSPECTIONS offer inspections in all types of homes, residential, seasonal, multi-family, or rental properties. We take the time to look over the property to show you any current problems, or possible problem that may occur in the future. We are able to inspect properties up to four units, or apartments.

•An agreement before we start, outlining what you can expect from our services.

•A full computerized home inspection report with digital pictures within 24 hours of completion of the inspection. This report will provide details on 20 or more (Depending on the home and features) different areas of the property, and will provide details of each area.


Education & Credentials

Licensed Home Inspector in the State of Indiana

Licensed Category 12 WDI Inspector by the Office of Indiana State Chemist

Graduate of Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII). Established in 1987 as one of America's premier inspection training facility, PHII is considered by the industry to be one of the top ranking Inspection Training Facility in the Nation.iii

A Member in Good Standing with International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, is the world’s largest inspection trade association. Based in the United States, InterNACHI is both non-profit and federally tax-exempt, and operates in 65 different countries and nine languages. InterNACHI is the inspection industry’s largest provider of education and training.

Licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard. Much like being up to code,any less would be illegal. Under this low bar, imaginary people, children, psychics (who claim to "sense" if a house is OK), pets, and even the blind can be home inspectors. Other home inspection associations have no entrance requirements and, worse, encourage their associatesto go out and perform actual inspections for poor, unsuspecting consumers as the only way to achieve full membership. InterNACHI finds this practice unconscionable. We turn down more than 60% of the inspectors who want to join InterNACHI because they can't pass our Inspectors Exam, and we turn down 90% of those left because they can't or will not fulfill our membership requirements.