Fuller Inspections

Fuller Inspections

Fuller Inspections

Jonathan Fuller
20141 E. Brightway Dr.
Aurora, IL 60448

Phone: 708-478-6216
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Description of Services

Jonathan Fuller is equipped with a varied background that helps him offer a great home inspection

experience. Jonathan earned with a bachelor’s degree in English Education in 2000 and then a master’s

degree in Educational Administration in 2002 from Pensacola Christian College. He taught English for

seven years while working construction during the summers. His combination of experience in education

and construction help him make the inspection process not just about revealing a house’s condition but also

about educating the client about various aspects of the house’s systems and maintenance. Jonathan earned

his home inspector’s certification from American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT).

Jonathan Fuller is licensed with the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.