Radon Testers, Inc.

Radon Testers, Inc.

Radon Testers, Inc.

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211 W. Jefferson
Addison, IL 60187

Phone: 630-260-0700
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Description of Services

Radon Testing for Residential Real Estate and Commercial Buildings, schools. We test using only continuous radon monitors. We have been in business since the mid 1980s and went off solo in 1998. One of the oldest radon testing companies in Illinois. Year in and year out, competitors come and go yet we remain on top.
Dupage county, lake county, kendall county, will county, mchenry county, cook county, city of Chicago. Commercial testing. Granite testing. Whole-house testing. Same day results. 48 hour test duration.

Illinois Areas Served by Radon Testers, Inc.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Radon testing all of Chicagoland

Education & Credentials

IEMA License RNI 98209