Megatrend Home Inspection

Megatrend Home Inspection

Megatrend Home Inspection

Jimmy Jack
1629 E. Missouri Ave
Addison, TX 75250

Phone: 214-372-0039
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Description of Services

We are specialized in Home Inspection for relocators to Texas. A reliable company with many years of inspection experience in the Texas Market. Curently we receive calls from either real estate agents working out of state or directly people who want to relocate to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and schedule their inspection. In case of working directly with individual parties, we ask for advance payments, perform the incpection and send a report through the internet in a 24 hour turn around period. It is a similar situation when working with an real estate agent out of state. However, individuals with local agents pay us and we provide the inspection report to the for transmission to their clients. If you have need for further information, do not hesitate to contact Jimmy Jack at 214-372-0039. All real estate matters are handled professioanally and expeditiously for the benefit of the customer.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Texas, Dallas - Fort Worth.
Real Estate Inspection for relocation

Education & Credentials

Inspectors receive extensive training and are licesnsed by the State of Texas. Inspectors received continued education to renew licenses