A.D.P. Inspections, Inc. ~ Call 301~580~6844

A.D.P. Inspections, Inc. ~ Call 301~580~6844

A.D.P. Inspections, Inc. ~ Call 301~580~6844

Rodney Winstead
Baltimore, MD 20201

Phone: 301-589-6844
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Description of Services

We service all areas of Maryland. Our goal is to become your one stop choice for inspection services and environmental testing.

Our Mission is to provide comprehensive inspection services, while educating our customers.

Training and continuing education are essential to providing thorough and accurate services for our customers, and ensure that we have knowledge on the latest developments in our industry. We obtain this by exceeding the state and professional organizational training and certification requirements, and invite you to compare our credentials with other inspection service providers. Please see our Training & Education page for details of our credentials.

We offer a FREE limited warranty with every Home Inspection

Services & Areas of Expertise


Education & Credentials

Nationally recognized organizations provide comprehensive training to their members, and we take advantage of those education opportunities. There is a wealth of information for consumers also. Please utilize the links under Organizations to access this information.

All of our training is documented and certified by a respected Organization .