HomeInfo, LLC

HomeInfo, LLC

HomeInfo, LLC

Sherrill Jeffcoat
3620 McCurdy Street
Montgomery, AL 36111

Phone: 334-303-4284
Email: Click Here

Description of Services

Central Alabama and the Montgomery Metro Area is a great place to live. It's even a better place to buy a home. But, be aware some homes can have major defects. Have you new home evaluated by a Nationally Certified Home Inspector before you buy. Call Sherrill at 334-303-4284. He has the experience to provide you with a comprehensive inspection report that is thorough and easy to understand. Digital photos are included along with narrative explanations of the defects. To view a copy of the inspection report, visit the website: homeinfollc.com.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Visit my Website www.homeinfollc.com for a sample inspection report.

Education & Credentials

Certified (CRI) with the National Association of Home Inspectors; Current Board Member of the National Association of Home Inspectors; Current member of the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors; B.S. Degree in Business; Graduate of The Home Inspection Institute;10 years active experience in Home Inspecting; Certified with the State of Alabama Building Commission (Cert. # HI-0509)