1st Class Inspection, PLLC.

1st Class Inspection, PLLC.

1st Class Inspection, PLLC.

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Description of Services

Welcome to A 1st Class Home Inspection, PLLC.

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A home inspection protects your property investment whether you are a BUYER, a SELLER, or a HOMEOWNER. The more knowledge you have about the condition of your home, the better position you will be in to make those crucial decisions involved in your property investment.

As a HOME BUYER, a home inspection gives you accurate information about the condition of your intended purchase:
• Know important repairs to be made before purchasing.
• Gives you a better negotiating position.
• Gives you confidence in your purchase.

As a HOME SELLER, a home inspection gives you a great marketing advantage:
• Advertise your home as “Pre-Inspected” for a faster sale.
• Discloses deficiencies for better liability protection.
• Eliminates surprises from a Buyer’s home inspection.

As a HOMEOWNER, a home inspection helps you identify deficiencies in order to plan your repairs and maintenance accordingly. This will help you avoid more costly repairs in the long run.

Texas Areas Served by 1st Class Inspection, PLLC.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Property inspections include the following structural and mechanical features in our general inspection fee price:

Structural Systems:
· Foundations
· Grading & Drainage
· Roof Coverings
· Gutters & Downspouts
· Attic Insulation
· Walls, Interior & Exterior
· Ceilings & Floors
· Stairs Balconies & Railings
· Doors Interior & Exterior
· Windows
· Fireplace & Chimney
· Porches, Decks, and Carports

Electrical Systems:
· Service Entrance & Panel
· Branch Circuits & Fixtures
· Heating, Ventilation & A/C
· Heating Equipment
· Cooling Equipment
· Ducts & Vents

Plumbing Systems:
· Water Supply Systems & Fixtures
· Drains, Wastes & Vents
· Water Heating Equipment
· Hydro-therapy Equipment (Whirlpool Tub)

· Dishwasher
· Food Waste Disposer
· Range Hood
· Ranges, Ovens & Cook Tops
· Microwave Cooking Equipment
· Trash Compactor
· Bathroom Exhaust Fans & Heaters
· Garage Door Operators
· Door Bell & Chimes
· Dryer Vents

Total overview of findings:
· Digital photo overview of the site and buildings
· Digital reference photos detailing any areas that require attention with recommendations for deficiency corrections

Optional Systems:
· Sprinkler Systems
· Walk Septic Lines and Dye Test

Additional fee for the following:
· Swimming Pools & Spas
· Outbuildings
· Gas Lines
· Water test
· Radon test
· 3rd party termite inspection

Education & Credentials

• Licensed and Insured Home Inspector Serving Central Texas.
Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) License #9732.