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Description of Services

My Promise to You
Choosing the right home inspector can be difficult. Unlike most professionals, you probably will not get to meet me until after you hire me. Furthermore, different inspectors have varying qualifications, equipment, experience, reporting methods and yes, different pricing. One thing for sure is that a home inspection requires work, a lot of work. Ultimately a thorough inspection depends heavily on the individual inspector's own effort. If you honor me by permitting me to inspect your new home, I guarantee that I will give you my very best effort. This I promise you.

Michael Wayne Altizer

Services & Areas of Expertise

Additional services offered :
* Air Conditioning System Inspections
* Apartment Inspections
* Cabin Inspections
* Chimney Inspections
* Condo Inspections
* Commercial Property Inspections
* Deck Inspections
* Disaster Inspections
* Dock Inspections
* EIFS Inspections
* Electrical System Inspections
* Energy Inspections
* Expert Witness Testimony / Litigation Support
* Exterior Inspections
* Fireplace / Solid Fuel Burning Inspections
* First Time Homebuyer Inspections
* Four-Point Inspections
* Flooring Inspections
* Green Building Inspections
* Heating System Inspections
* High End Homes/ Estates Inspections
* Historic Homes Inspections
* Historic Preservation Inspections
* Indoor Air Quality Inspections
* Infrared Thermography Inspections
* Insulation and Ventilation Inspections
* Insurance Inspections
* Interior Inspections
* Lead Inspections
* Log Home Inspections
* Manufactured Home Inspections
* Mobile Home Inspections
* Moisture Evaluation Inspections
* Mold Testing Inspections
* Move-In-Certified Inspections
* Multi-Family Home Inspections
* New Construction Inspections
* Plumbing System Inspections
* Pool Inspections
* Pre-Listing Inspections
* Spa Inspections
* Sprinkler Inspections
* Stucco/EIFS Inspections
* Radon Mitigation Inspections
* Relocation Inspections
* Roof System Inspections
* Seasonal Property Inspections
* Seawall Inspections
* Seller Inspections
* Septic System Inspections
* Single Family Home Inspections
* Soil / Grading Inspections
* Structural System Inspections
* Tree Inspections
* Vacation Home Inapections
* Wind Mitigation Inspections
* Wood Destroying Organisms/ Insects Inspections

• I am also 100% Realtor Independent, I work for you not your agent. I have no Business relationships with any real estate agents. I am not influenced by anyone, I tell you as I see it!

Education & Credentials

Sit back and relax. Our qualifications speak for themselves, you'll know you've got the best on the job. No Inspector even comes close. Below are more than 50 reasons to hire Michael Altizer (The Home Inspector) Also known as Mr. Inspect-it.

1) AHIT Certified Inspector
2) Certified Chimney Inspector™
3) Certified Four Point Inspector ™
4) Certified 11th Month Warranty Inspector™
5) Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector™
6) Certified Commercial Inspector™
7) Certified Crawlspace Inspector™
8) Certified Deck Inspector™
9) Dock and Seawall Inspector™
10) Certified Electrical Inspector™
11) Certified Expert Witness™
12) Certified Exterior Inspector™
13) Certified Garage Inspector™
14) Certified Geotechnical Inspector
15) Certified Green Building Inspector™
16) Certified Home Energy Auditor™
17) Certified Home Energy Inspector™
18) Certified Indoor Air Quality Inspector™
19) Certified Residential Fire Extinguisher Inspector™
20) Certified HVAC Inspector™
21) Certified Kitchen Inspector™
22) Certified Lawn Irrigation Systems Inspector
23) Certified Log Home Inspector™
24) Certified Master Inspector®
25) Certified Meth House Hazards Inspector™
26) Certified Mobile Home Inspector™
27) Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector™
28) Certified Mold Inspector™
29) Certified Plumbing Inspector™
30) Certified Pool and Spa Inspector™
31) Certified Repair Verification Specialist™
32) Certified Residential Property Inspector™
33) Certified Roof Inspector™
34) Certified Roof Data Technician™
35) Certified Professional Inspector®
36) Certified Safe Workplace Inspector™
37) Certified Septic Inspector™
38) Certified Structure & Foundation Inspector™
39) Certified Stucco Inspector™
40) Certified Tree Inspector™
41) Certified Water Quality Tester™
42) Certified Well Inspector™
43) Certified WDO Inspector™
44) Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector™
45) Infrared Certified Thermographer®
46)HomeGauge Inspector
47) Home Inspector with "Highest Honors"
48) Proud member of the Best Inspectors Network™
49) Registered Home Inspector (Housing Inspection Foundation)
50) Specialist Inspections
51) 25+ Years combined Experience in Home Inspections, Construction, Home Remodeling and Repair.
52) Hundreds of items checked.
53) Report delivered on the same day as the home inspection. Our reports have always been the best, and now we've added video.
54) First Time Home Buyer Friendly.
55) Free Home Maintenance Book and Extra Time to Explain How Your Home Works.
56) Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspections
57) HouseFax Property History Report
58) Veteran-Owned
59) Evening and Weekend Inspections available
60) Competitive Pricing