Estate Home Inspection

Estate Home Inspection

Estate Home Inspection

chan katz
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Description of Services

Licensed and Insured home and Building Inspection service located and serving all of central/south central Indiana. 279.00+free termite with every insp !! never go with the list of home inspectors the realtor gives you ! and here is why...The home inspector gets 80% of their business from the realtor, so when the inspection is on a home that a realtor is attempting to sale and the home inspector gets alot of work from that realtor'the listing realtor' he doesnt want to make the realtor mad by listing defects on the home that will cause a headache for the realtor because if it does they will get mad and bad moth that inspector and not only that they refer them anymore. always choose your own home inspector ALWAYS

Services & Areas of Expertise

Over 400 items inspected, photo detailed reports. Mortgage Co,Real estate, Home owner,buyer.

Education & Credentials

A.H.I.T Certified License#H100900036