All Ways Inspect, LLC

All Ways Inspect, LLC

All Ways Inspect, LLC

Bob Pellegrino
24 Brantwood Place
Clifton, NJ 07013

Phone: 973-594-1622
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Description of Services

We are a Licensed, Certified, Professional Inspection and Environmental Services Company. We perform Residential & Commercial Building Inspections, Environmental Phase 1 Building assessmensts and Environmental Testing Services for, Radon Gas, Lead Paint, Asbestos, Mold, Indoor Air Quality (Allergens, Bacteria and VOCs), HVAC Inspections, HVAC Testing & Energy Auditing Services. We service all of Northern and Central New Jersey.
We follow and adhere to the professional standards, ethics and practices of our profession, the state regulations where we are licensed and to the organizations and societies to which we belong.
We pride ourselves on providing thorough and complete home and building inspections, testing and auditing services.
We perform our duties and write our reports without bias or prejudice.
We make every effort to educate and inform our clients about the inspection process, testing methods and procedures followed, in order to create a more satisfying and interactive experience.
We believe the more knowledgeable our clients are, the more comfortable and confident they will be as home owners.
We have NO conflicts of interests.
We work ONLY for you, our client.

New Jersey Areas Served by All Ways Inspect, LLC

Services & Areas of Expertise

Residential and Commercial Inspections,Environmental Assessmemnt Studies, Environmental Testing, and Assessments, Energy Audits
Inspections, Radon Gas, Mold, Asbestos, Lead Paint, Indoor Air Quality Testing,and Assessment, HVAC Evaluations and Energy Audits

Education & Credentials

A graduate Engineer with over 30 years in various Engineering and Technology positions coupled with over 25 years in the Real Estate Industry.
NJ HI Lic # 24GI00103800
NJ Radon # MET 12830
Master Indoor Environmental Specialist
Mold Inspector and Assessor
Indoor Air Quality Inspector
Wood Destroying Insect Inspector
Lead Paint Renovator Inspector
Lead Paint Dust Wipe Technician
American Society of Home Inspectors, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Environmental Solutions Association, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants