John Allison
7688 Katy Dr.
Franklin, OH 45459

Phone: 937-305-1296
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Description of Services

My name is John Allson with BuckeyeHomeDetective. We are a full service WholeHouseInspection firm proudly serving Ohio, N. Kentucky, and S. E. Indiana.

We also provide Mold, Radon, Pest, Lead, Co, and Asbestos detection.

So whether you are buying a home, you are selling a home, or you are a real estate professional please contact us for the best inspection in the tri-state. We provide 24hr. turnaround on home inspections and 7 to 14 days on laboratory work.
Thank You,
John Allison CHI, Iac2

Ohio Areas Served by BuckeyeHomeDetective

Services & Areas of Expertise

Mold, Radon, Pest, Lead, Abestos, and Co detection.

Education & Credentials

InterNachi 09050603
IAC2 certified indoor air quality specialist
CICPI Graduate Home Inspector