Rural Advantage Home Inspections

Rural Advantage Home Inspections

Rural Advantage Home Inspections

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Description of Services

Real Estate Home Inspector

Not only do we just perform home inspections within the very strict industrywide "Standards of Practice", we bring something a little extra to the table.

If one of the most monumental investments you will ever make in your lifetime takes you out of suburbia, then we've got you covered. Many of todays inspectors do not possess the distinct knowledges that are inherent with rural life to provide you with the peace of mind that you'll need.

Life out in the "Country" can sometimes be a rude awakening for many that haven't had the exposure; Let me explain in brief. Lets say you purchase a home that will obviously be on a leech field (septic system) and is about 25-30 yrs in age. This home may very well have had no less 2-4 owners in that time. It is near impossible to know whether the previous occupants ever really maintained their system as required and may have down right abused it !

We have helped many customers make some very informed decisions on their prospective home purchases.

This is just one of the many addtional services that we include along with our already very comprehensive inspections and in most cases are less expensive than others who fall short in these areas.

We work directly with you and your buying agent, tailor to your schedule and will go most anywhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Services & Areas of Expertise

New Home Construction
Residential/Commercial Renovations & Build-outs

Education & Credentials

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