TCS Home Inspection's

TCS Home Inspection's

TCS Home Inspection's

Ernie Tate
2819 Azure
Iona, ID 83401

Phone: 208-589-3202
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Description of Services

TCS Home Inspection's is independantly owned and operated by Ernie Tate whom personally performs all inspections. He has inspected 1000's of homes over the past eleven years as a full time inspector.

Ernie has a solid reputation in South East Idaho as the most thorough inspector in the business. He has a reputation of working for the home buyer and not the realtor's. Each home is evaluated thoroughly during what is recognized as the area's most thorough inspection by the most knowledgeable inspector in Idaho. Ernie personally has over thirty five years of hands on residential construction experience. He knows and understands residential construction and the pitfalls which can be waiting to surprise a home buyer. All inspections are followed up by one of the industry's most comprehensive detailed report within 48 hours after the completion of the inspection.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Complete residential and light commercial building/ property inspections.

Area's of expertise include

Site drainage
Foundation Construction
Wood, masonry and steel construction.
Plumbing systems
Electrical systems
Mechanical systems
Insulation systems
Construction techniques from 100 year old homes to new construction.
Code violations for new homes

Education & Credentials

College educated, with numerous individual certifications over a thirty five year construction career.

No licensing is required or available in Idaho currently.

Ernie is nationally certified by the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors.

Ernie has been previously certified by the state of Idaho as a building inspector for the 1997 UBC.

As a building contractor Ernie was a complete turn key builder performing all facets of construction with a working knowledge of mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems.