Best Home Inspection Service

Best Home Inspection Service

Best Home Inspection Service

Steve Thomas
P.O. Box 2841
Iona, ID 83403

Phone: 208-705-4663
Email: Click Here

Description of Services

For the most thorough home inspection in eastern Idaho call Best Home Inspection Service. Whether you are buying a cottage or a castle, We Provide Peace of Mind.

Established in 2004.

We have been in the inspection business full-time for over five years serving all of eastern Idaho from Utah to Yellowstone.

Our inspections include: exterior finish, lot grade and drainage, roofing, foundation, structure, attics and crawl spaces.

We will operate every door and window, run all faucets and check all supply lines and drains for leaks. We operate all light switches and electrical outlets and check all floor and wall coverings. Every appliance will be tested and any gas-burning appliances will be checked for Carbon Monoxide.

Services & Areas of Expertise

Complete Home inspection
Radon Testing
Carbon Monoxide testing
Foundation Inspections
Energy Auditing

Education & Credentials

Graduate of Colorado University
Certified by the largest Home Inspection Company in North America
Additional training in Log Homes, Modular homes, Radon testing, Attic ventilation and roofing systems.