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Elite Pool Solutions

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Description of Services

Certified Swimming Pool Inspections.

Just as a home inspection informs you about the condition of the home you are interested in purchasing, a pool inspection informs you about the condition of the pool.
The intent of a pool inspection is to evaluate the current condition of all accessible pool components and the inspection consists of four phases:
1. Pool / spa placement and protection. This includes fencing, gates, screen enclosure, proximity to electrical wires, location of electrical outlets and placement to the home.

2. Pool / spa vessel and coping. This includes the pool and deck surface condition (cracks, discoloration, and pitting) and the coping surrounding the pool (open joints, cracking). Drains are inspected for the presence of anti-vortex covers (anti-entrapment) for safety reasons.

3. Pool / spa equipment. This includes inspection of pool/spa lights, the presence of GFCI devices, junction box condition and location, pumps, filters, piping, timers, disconnects, heaters, controls, accessories, skimmers, and the appropriate electrical bonding is in place.

4. Pool / spa equipment operation. This includes operation of the pump, inspection for leakage, proper skimming and filtration, heater activation, filter pressure and the operation of the spa blower.
Upon completion of the pool/spa inspection a detailed report will be generated. The report will summarize our findings and include general maintenance tips, identify areas in need of attention.
These added value tips will help you understand how to make the pool operational and reasonable to maintain. Our report enables you to proceed with confidence in your purchasing decision and to look forward to becoming a pool owner.
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