20/20 Professional Home Inspections

20/20 Professional Home Inspections

20/20 Professional Home Inspections

jackie schoonvelt
1805 north 385
Sundown, TX 79336

Phone: 806-548-0526
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Description of Services

20/20 Professional Home Inspections Jackie Schoonvelt offers computor generated inspections through out West Texas and eastern New Mexico TRCC,TREC,TCQEC,FEMA Ace111,TDIC,Mold Certified, we use the lates technology and tools for a 336 point inspection.Normally next day inspection service. Our inspection service includes foundation,grading,roof structure,roof covering,walls,doors windows,porches decks,firplace and chimney,electrical service,branch circuts,plumbing,water heaters,heating and air cond,appliances, and all other optional items

Services & Areas of Expertise

All of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico

Education & Credentials

AHIT Certified,13 years in Real Estate operations,Licensed and Insured